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Maintenance, Service, Recovering, & Repair.

CRF Inc. provides complete repair and maintenance services for products we provide as well as existing products.  We have been in business since 1980 furnishing, installing, and servicing Operable Partitions throughout the New England region.  Our factory trained technicians have decades of experience providing service and preventive maintenance, to Moderco partitions, as well as other systems manufactured by other leading companies. 

Standard service and maintenance work typically includes:

  • Overall system assessment

  • Safety inspection

  • Panel realignment

  • Track lubrication

  • Training demonstration on proper use of the system

We can also recover any existing system to provide a fresh new look to your space.


We also can provide a comprehensive scheduled program to keep all of your products running safe and sound. Please contact our Service Coordinator, Heather Gauthier-Bourgeois @ 860-481-5465,  for more information or to set up a service appointment.

Raised Access Floor Service

Over time, as equipment is moved and work is performed under the floor, pedestals can break free from the adhesive securing them to the subfloor which creates unseen tripping and fall through hazards and allows cold air from under the floor to leak into the space. These conditions result in increased energy costs in the best case and potential liability in the worst case. We will eliminate these hazards, look for objects under the floor that can block and contaminate air flow, and seal holes in the floor under and around equipment and piping.

Operable/Accordion/Folding Partition Service

Sometimes called Folding Walls or Air Walls, the Operable Partitions at your location represent a large investment to your business. In order to ensure their safe, reliable, and smooth operation over time, Service & Maintenance is required. Just like a fine automobile, routine service is also required to maintain the product warranty. CRF’s standard Service & Maintenance program consists of a Safety and Operational Assessment, then a thorough inspection of the wall’s components. We clean and lubricate the track, inspect and adjust the trolleys, tighten hinges, realign panels, work seals and panel closure mechanisms, and provide a written inspection report for your records.

Folding Glass Partitions

NanaWall opening glass walls are German engineered with superior quality and are designed to perform year after year with minimal issue.  But, should the need arise-don’t worry-CRF’s factory trained NanaWall Certified Technicians can service or repair your NanaWalls.

Gymnasium Equiptment

CRF offers repair services for basketball backstops, divider curtains, wall padding, scoreboards, volleyball sets and other specialty items.  Safety is the name of the game at your school, church, or YMCA Gymnasiums. Protect your students, parishioners, and patrons by having your Basketball Backboards, Gym Divider Curtains, Batting Cages, and Bleachers inspected and serviced by our experienced technicians. We inspect cabling, winches, motor drive systems, and safety straps. If your gymnasium equipment is vintage we can retrofit it with the latest safety equipment.



If the product is built to last for years, why do I need service?

Most manufacturers provide a warranty when the product is purchased, in order for the product to maintain its optimal level of performance, annual service and maintenance is recommended to be preformed by a trained technician.

Can I just buy a part and install it myself?

That is always an option.  It would be important to note that if you install a part yourself without a factory trained technician there is a risk of invalidating any applicable manufacturer warranty provided.  It is strongly recommended to refer to warranty documents and/or discuss plans with a factory certified distributor prior to self-performing repairs, maintenance or upgrades.

How often is service and maintenance recommended?

All manufacturers recommend at least yearly service.  For systems subject to frequent use, service is recommended bi-annually or quarterly.  Service contracts are highly recommended.

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