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Travelers Insurance Company


Owner/Construction Manager: Trammel Crow Company

Scope: Approximately 45,000 square feet of access flooring (Tate) including 14,000 square foot Data Center.

Date of Completion: April 2003






















Travelers Tower is a 24-story, 160.63 m (527.0 ft) skyscraper in downtown Hartford, Connecticut. Travelers Tower was the seventh tallest building in the world when it was constructed in 1919, and is currently the second tallest building in Hartford. Travelers Tower is the fourth headquarters of Travelers Insurance Company. The architect of Travelers Tower was Donn Barber, who also designed the Connecticut State Library, Supreme Court Building and the Hartford Times building.[The tower is actually an extension of two other buildings of which it begins at the tenth floor so it is sometimes considered to have 34 floors. At the 27th floor is an open observation deck. The top of the building has become a nesting spot for the endangered species, the Peregrine Falcon, which is observed by web cameras. Due to maintenance to the tower, the web cameras have been taken offline and the nest box has been relocated to the Travelers Plaza Building

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